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There’s an old saying, “The more something changes the more it remains the same.” That’s not just a pithy saying. There’s a lot of truth to it, especially when it comes to Internet marketing.

It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason. But did you know you can have your own Web within the Web?

If you’ve been doing any Internet marketing for at least five years or longer then you know that it isn’t anything today like it was then. Things have changed a lot. Today you can post videos to several video websites and drive traffic to your website using videos – and do it absolutely free. Five years ago that was just a dream.

That’s one example. There are countless others. But the fact is, Internet marketing is constantly changing. Just like a spider web.

A spider is constantly improving its web. They spin and spin until it gets to the point of perfection, which never happens. They’ll add new threads, fix broken ones, connect one web to another one – spiders will do whatever it takes to make it easier for themselves to move around from point to another. And that’s basically the idea behind the World Wide Web. It should also be the idea behind your own personal web.

Five years ago you likely were doing a lot of article marketing. Today, maybe you’re still doing some and maybe you’re not. You might have a blog. And you could be using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But what will you be doing tomorrow?

As an Internet marketer, your job is to analyze the trends and see where they might be leading. And to be one step ahead of the curve. So what are you doing today to prepare for the changing landscape of the World Wide Web and Internet marketing tomorrow?

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