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Yellowbook is a staple of local business advertising. First started as a print directory in 1930 to serve Long Island, New York, Yellowbook has become a major publishing company that now serves 48 states. It is one of America’s most important publishing companies.

In recent years, however, Yellowbook has become more than a print directory. It is an online publishing powerhouse that now serves every community in the U.S. with directory services. If you want to find a particular type of business anywhere in the U.S., Yellowbook is the place to go.

But things have just got better. Yellowbook now has an iPad app. That means that the millions of early adopters who have purchased an iPad can now find any business they want through Yellowbook. Well, they can find any business listed. Are you listed? If not, the iPad is the perfect reason to list your business at Yellowbook. This is local Internet marketing at its best.

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