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We live in an age when more than 90% of the American adult population have mobile phones. More than half of them have smartphones, and smartphone usage is expected to climb 28% in the next year.

That’s why you should consider mobile marketing right now. It won’t be long before 90% of the American adult population have smartphones.

This is an unprecedented opportunity in the history of marketing. Almost everyone in the world is within fingertips reach in just a few seconds. Why aren’t you taking advantage of that?

With mobile marketing, there are some things that you should keep in mind as you attempt to engage with audiences.

  • First, keep your messages short.
  • Secondly, people overwhelmingly read messages with images more than messages without images.
  • Since more people are reading their e-mails on their mobile phones, you should make sure that your e-mail newsletter and other e-mail correspondence is mobile-friendly.
  • Local businesses can leverage search through local search and directory apps from services like Yelp and FourSquare.
  • Finally, don’t send out any messages that you haven’t tested first. Send them to yourself and your staff. If they don’t look right, fix them before sending them out to your list.

Mobile marketing is here to stay. Companies that are forward looking have started planning for the future.

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