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If you could buy a tablet for $99, would you bother buying another eReader? Ever?

My thought is the eReader market would dry up and disappear completely if consumers could purchase a tablet for $99. Of course, rumor has it that the $99 Acer tablet wouldn’t be sold in the U.S. But that’s just a rumor.

Let’s say the rumor holds true. Many eReaders are priced in the $69-$99 range. With lack of competition they will continue to sell. Many people don’t care about the extra features you get with a tablet. If they want to read e-books, an eReader is adequate. But what if a $99 tablet does come to market, Acer or otherwise? That would totally shut down the eReader market.

Why would anyone pay $99 to read an e-book, or even $69, if they can spend $99 and get the extra functionality? Furthermore, why would e-reader manufacturers take a chance on producing more e-readers when they can focus on cheaper tablets?

I think it will be interesting to see where the e-reader market goes in the next couple of years. Tablets are becoming more popular each day, so it’s possible that a cheaper tablet may not even be necessary to drive eReaders out of the market.

Tablets serve up another medium for online marketers. eReaders serve up a limited opportunity only if you publish e-books. With tablets, you can produce more videos, do more social media marketing, and implement more mobile marketing campaigns. These are exciting times in which we live.

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