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Shortcodes are little snippets of code you can insert into your website template or WordPress pages and blog posts to create visual images that stand out. If you don’t use shortcodes, then you have to figure out a way to put the elements into your pages and posts using HTML and other code. Shortcodes make the process more streamlined and easy for lay people like yourself.

If you have built a website in WordPress, or you simply have a WordPress blog, then you can add shortcodes by adding a plug-in.

The Shortcode Ultimate plug-in is a great tool for anyone. It’s easy to use, simple to install, and can take your blog or website from plain Jane to raving beauty in just a few minutes.

So what are some cool things you can do with shortcodes? How about these:

  • Create custom “Buy Now” buttons
  • Add a Contact form to any page or blog post easily
  • Design an awesome blockquote box
  • Implement tabs on your website pages
  • Jazz up your site or blog with sliders

These are just a few of the powerful uses for shortcodes. Instead of fighting with HTML or other code to create the look and feel you want for your WordPress website or blog, try a shortcode plug-in. Another popular one is titled J Shortcodes.

If you’re doing any Internet marketing and using WordPress, shortcodes can be fun to play with.

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