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Facebook – to many people it’s a fad, or a place for kids and their friends to hang out. And, on both scores, they are. And that’s what makes Facebook all the more important. Yes, it’s a fad, but it’s not going away any time soon. And, yes, it is a place where kids and their friends hang out; along with their moms and dads and any other member of the extended family wanting to keep in contact.

From a business perspective, it’s a unique meeting place that has never been achieved in such numbers in the history of mankind. Think about it – where else in history have you had millions of people, all linked in one form or another, in the one place where marketers can display their wares? Nowhere, I can think off.

But does Facebook deliver? That’s the most important question on any business owners mind? According to one report, Facebook is delivering more content than YouTube. Considering YouTube is extremely popular (some say the second biggest search engine on the internet), then that is a lot of content. If you want raw numbers, Facebook delivered 24% of pageviews to YouTube’s 6.93% and Google’s somewhat paltry 4.13% – perhaps that puts the whole Facebook discussion into some perspective.

There is a simple moral to this data. Google is still king of search, but search is losing its position as king of the online world. Users are now heading to social media first, often making it the start page in their browser.  While optimizing pages for search is still important, having a strong online position on Facebook is now becoming important as well. The real danger for many businesses is similar to what we saw ten years ago in search. A lot of businesses shunned search as unimportant – look at it now. Don’t make the same mistake with social – catching up will be even harder.

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