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One oft-repeated storyline we hear is, “I don’t need to advertise; I get a steady stream of referrals based on my reputation.” That’s great. We wouldn’t dare knock a great reputation, but let me give you something else to think about.

What if you could increase your business by 10% just with a little bit of advertising? Or, better yet, what if you could increase your business by 10% over and above what you spend on advertising. Would that be worth it?

Most business owners would say, “Yes.”

Ten percent may not sound like much, but if you do $100,000 worth of business in one month then that’s an additional $10,000 worth of business. And a website doesn’t cost anywhere near that much. If it does then you’re probably using the wrong web designer.

A pay per click advertising campaign might cost you $2,000 per month. If it brings in $5,000 in business each month over and above your current clientele then you can turn some of that business into lifetime customers. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

And it’s just as likely that new customers you acquire through online advertising and Internet marketing will also spread the word about your business. Online, there are some powerful word of mouth tools that you and your clients can use – many of them for free.

With just a little bit of expense, you can increase your business a great amount. So don’t knock advertising.

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