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Tommy Landry knows a lot about search marketing, and has just given us some advice on Search Engine Journal with 10 Ways To Breathe New Life Into A Floundering Google AdWords Campaign. This isn’t a formula for a magic fix, it’s just a good look at how a professional team will go about analyzing and improving an AdWords campaign that might just need a tweak to make it work well.

Here are his suggestions:

  1. Re-evaluate the keyword targeting strategy.
  2. Restructure ad groups using tighter themes.
  3. Amp up your negative keywords to avoid bad clicks.
  4. Get more aggressive with budget and/or max bids.
  5. Step up your ad text testing approach.
  6. Consider deploying a bid automation solution.
  7. Build a custom landing page for each ad group.
  8. A/B test landing pages to improve conversion rate.
  9. Try out dynamic search ads.
  10. Automate schedules and budgets to improve ROI.

In addition to looking at a campaign professionally, it’s a good idea to look at that campaign from the customer’s perspective. How well does it translate to a mobile device? Are keywords actually based on what your targeted audience would use? Getting to know your customer personas will greatly aid analysis and strategy.

The way a professional tweaks an AdWords campaign is worth understanding because they will have a good reason for the way they make changes. Adjusting a campaign according to a predetermined formula without understanding why it has become a strategy is like saying magic words and hoping there’s a good result. You can learn more about PPC management at


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