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Television advertising can get expensive. If you have a larger competitor that is using TV advertising and you want a way to nose in on his turf and siphon away a little business, you can do that with a surreptitious PPC campaign targeting keywords that your competitor is using in his TV ads.

So, how do you do that exactly?

What you want to focus on are brand-specific keywords related to your competition and the products they are promoting on TV. This works especially well if your competitor is promoting a special. Then you can use PPC to undercut that special.

For instance, let’s say your competitor is marketing helium balloons at a 20% discount for customers who buy them by the dozen. The normal price is $3 per balloon, but if the customer buys 12, then it’s $28.80. You can have a PPC campaign that targets your competitor’s brand name, the name of any particular products on sale, etc. Of course, target the generic keywords as well.

People generally search for brand names and product names after they see TV commercials. If you get people clicking on your ads with an offer that undercuts your competition – for example, you could offer 12 helium balloons for $26.00 – then you could siphon away some of that traffic.

It’s a sneaky tactic, but it works like a charm.

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