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Can you make money with smaller pay-per-click companies? You know I’m not talking about Google, or Yahoo!, or Bing. Those are the majors. I’m talking about the small companies and search engines. Some of them you’ve probably never heard of, such as:

  • Miva
  • Looksmart
  • 7Search
  • Search123
  • GoClick
  • Kanoodle
  • AdBrite
  • Enhance

This is just a small list. There are plenty more.

Most pay per click advertisers stick with the big three, but they are missing opportunities with the small search engines. The advantage to using the small PPC companies is that your cost per click will be lower – much lower. In some cases, keywords that you’ll spend $1 or more at Google or Yahoo! will cost your mere pennies at one of the smaller companies. The downside is you won’t get anywhere near the traffic that you’ll get at Google, but if you get any traffic for a fraction of the cost then it’s worth it. Right?

Yes, right. So don’t discount the small pay per click companies. They could be very profitable.

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