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A post on Search Engine Journal highlights some of the problems that face businesses when it comes to pay per click marketing. There are several good points made in the post, particularly when it comes to who you hire to manage your pay per click marketing campaigns. The difficulty faced by management is that pay per click is so foreign to them, but they have trouble understanding some of the analytics presented to them.

The management of pay per click marketing should be seen as a professional service. Managers often know little of accounting or legal matters, so they hire professionals to look after those areas of their business. The Internet should be seen in the same light. When hiring a professional organization to manage any of your online activities, you should apply the same due diligence you would show to an accounting or legal firm.

One of the points the post on Search Engine Journal highlighted was that of basic dishonesty – to quote from the post:

Many businesses larger and small don’t ask enough questions from their paid search person/company. Many companies hide what your CPC and CPA is and therefore you will never really know if your PPC is cost effective.

I tend to take issue with the first sentence in that it assumes that most paid search companies aren’t professional. How closely do you quiz your accountant, attorney, or any other professional service provider? That’s not to say you shouldn’t quiz them at times, especially when it comes to determining budgets and the effectiveness of the campaigns. It does come back to due diligence and ensuring you hire experienced and well recognized pay per click management companies.

The one area where we are in total agreement with the Search Engine Journal post is that paid search, when done correctly, can increase sales markedly. When an email marketing campaign is used to follow up sales, repeat business tends to be driven to greater heights. Paid search can be profitable; just be sure the people who are controlling your paid search are professional, experienced, and well respected in the industry.

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