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When it comes to pay per click advertising, if you don’t set certain controls in place then you could lose your shirt. And I mean fast.

I highly recommend using the automated budgeting tool within your PPC account. With that tool you can set your budget in one of two ways – and I recommend doing it both ways. You can set a daily budget and you can set a monthly budget.

Your daily budget tells your PPC provider not to exceed that amount in clicks for each day that your pay per click campaign is active. For instance, if you give a $5 per day budget then when your clicks drive your spending up to the $5 limit, your ads will not be displayed any more that day.

In addition to setting a daily budget, you can set a monthly budget. The monthly budget works like the daily budget but it is extended for the entire month. So if you set a $100 monthly budget then when you clicks drive your spend up to that amount your ads will be cut off and not displayed for the rest of the month.

I recommend setting both a daily and a monthly budget, but try to set your daily budget so that if you meet the budget each day you will still have dollars left in your monthly budget on the last day of the month. You don’t want your campaign cut off mid-month.

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