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Many webmasters, when they first start thinking about running PPC campaigns, want to know how it will affect their SEO. Will it kill your SEO campaigns or enhance them? Or neither?

Let’s just address the idea of killing your SEO right now. That won’t happen. Your PPC ads and your organic SEO are judged by separate algorithms so they really don’t directly affect each other. Note that I said “directly”. So I guess that answers the second question, will PPC enhance your SEO.

The answer: Not in a direct way. But it will enhance your SEO efforts if you target the same keywords or approach both campaigns in a complementary way. You want your PPC ads and your organic SEO to work together, not against each other. And if you do the proper keyword research, build a well optimized landing page that achieves high rankings and a high quality score then you can ensure that your campaigns do complement each other. Everything else is simply figuring out the score.

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