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Pay per click advertising can be an expensive process if not undertaken correctly. The problem is, most people are excellent at running their business, sourcing or creating products, identifying target markets, and perhaps even identifying suitable keywords. However, when it comes to optimizing their pay per click campaigns, it all becomes foreign territory. That’s the time to call in a team of professionals who can manage your pay per click campaigns. The end result should be a significant increase in traffic and with it a significant increase in sales. More importantly, it should be cost effective and therefore also increase profits.

The problem then is selecting the most appropriate business to manage your pay per click  campaigns. Here is a guide that may help you determine the most appropriate people to help you:

Training – Will your campaign be led by a Google Certified Analyst? These are individuals trained specifically to deal with the intricacies of Google Adwords. Just as importantly, they have experience running these campaigns successfully.

Team – It’s a team and not just one person. If you employ one person, you are at their whims and human needs and fallibility’s. Holidays and illness means they may not be available when needed. And, yes, everyone is fallible – so this is where a team effort works best. There is always someone available when needed and teams tend to cross check each member’s work, thus reducing human error.

Communication – Can you easily communicate with someone from your team. With communication comes comfort – do you feel comfortable talking to them – sometimes, it’s a good idea to trust your gut reaction.

Contracts – Are you forced to sign on the dotted line for six or twelve months no matter what? Contracts should, where they exist, allow you an out after the first month. A management team is going to ensure everything runs smoothly if they know the renewal is on a month-to-month basis. A 12 month contract allows a lot of slack time and a poor performance to creep in.

Honesty – This is the hardest since I am not talking about fraud for, example. Is your management team honest in their discussions with you. If they feel the keywords are wrong, do they tell you, or do they plow on regardless – and then blame you for the poor choice of keywords? Being honest and upfront and telling it like it is can save you a lot of wasted time and money.

They are just a few areas that you should consider when looking to engage a pay per click management team. Get the right management team and your business will see a real surge in results. Get it wrong and you will see a steady flow of cash walking out the door – with nothing to show for it.

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