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One of the benefits to running a pay per click (pay per call) campaign is that you can track your phone calls to see where they are coming from. Call tracking results in the following benefits:

  • Fewer missed calls – When a caller calls she gets an automated e-mail and the call is stored in our internal database. You can get an on-demand call report at any time.
  • Call blocking – Receive only the calls you want to receive based on area code or state.
  • ROI tracking – Know for sure how much money your PPC campaign is making.
  • Call recording – Record every call for monitoring purposes and to better train your employees.
  • Get a local, toll free or international number – Use the phone number that best makes sense for your marketing and customer service purposes.
  • No additional charges – One monthly fee and no extra charges.

Track your calls to see how effective your PPC – pay per call – campaigns are. Get actionable intelligence and act intelligently upon it.

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