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Can you imagine Google without pay per click services? It’s really what built the search engine giant into the mega-corporation that is today. Advertisers.

There’s a reason Google can point to pay per click advertising as the backbone of its search infrastructure. Even though search technology came first, pay per click algorithms are base somewhat on search algorithms and advertisers have relied on the technology as much as Google has.

While search and pay per click do not necessarily influence each other directly, they do go hand in hand. You should supplement your SEO efforts with well optimized and well managed pay per click campaigns. That is where most successful Internet entrepreneurs make their money – by spending it on the advertising.

While search rankings can move up or down at the whim of the search algorithm, pay per click is pretty steady and is based more on quality score criteria. If you can manage your quality score then you can manage your PPC campaigns.

If you really want to succeed and make decent money online then you’ve got engage your audience through paid advertising. It’s the goldmine of the Internet.

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