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Many PPC advertisers have the false belief that quality score is all about click-through rates (CTR). That’s a dangerous belief because, first, it isn’t true, and secondly, if you focus entirely on CTR, then you’ll miss out on great PPC opportunities by not paying attention to other important details.

While Google doesn’t share its PPC algorithm and the factors it deems important for a good quality score, there are some very good reasons for believing that CTR is not the brass ring.

I’m not saying CTR isn’t important. I’m simply saying it isn’t the sole determinant of a high quality score. Other factors like landing page experience and load time, keyword groupings, and ad text also bear on the quality score of your PPC ads.

Google is very concerned about landing page load time. That’s why you can now measure your load time in Google Analytics. If it weren’t important, there’d be no way to measure it. You want to make sure that your landing page loads fast. Beyond that, you also want to make sure it is well optimized and that it answers the questions your visitors have when clicking on your PPC ads.

The ad itself is just as important. If your ad text is misleading or not relevant to the landing page, that will detract from your quality score.

Finally, if you have a lot of non-relevant keywords in your keyword group, that will also affect your PPC quality score. So don’t get wrapped around the axle on CTR. It’s important, but not all-important.

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