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Pay per click marketing can be a stressful past time for many web site owners particularly if they are in a competitive niche where costs per click can be high.  If your walking a tight line between profitable and unprofitable costs then it may be time to rethink your pay per click strategies and look at some of the lesser known PPC options.

There are quite a few alternate search engines around that offer pay per click advertising, often with lower costs per click than the big boys like Google.  The hard part is finding these alternatives. A search of Google will help you find a good handful of alternatives.

Once you have a list of alternative pay per click search engines, sit down and do some research. Sign up and create a few ads, check out their interfaces, and see what sort of costs per click you may be up for. Many of them can provide the same keyword advertising program but at much less costs.

If you have the funds, create a few trial ads and let them run for a few days. This will give you an idea of what costs you are likely to face, what sort of click through rate you are receiving, and most importantly, what sort of conversion rates you are achieving.

You would be surprised at the amount of traffic you can generate through these alternate search engines. You may also find you are achieving better conversion rates – if that’s the case, your ROI will simply get better.

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