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It seems that Twitter is advancing its paid tweet model pretty quickly. They’ve recently added the ability for advertisers to target negative keywords.

Negative keywords are keywords you don’t want to target but are often associated with the keyword you do want to target. For instance, if you are planning an international bacon festival and you don’t want your sponsored tweets appearing on posts where Kevin Bacon fans are going ga-ga and waxing poetic on the beauties and virtues of the movie Footloose, then you can negatively target the keyword “Kevin.” That will effectively limit your sponsored tweet showing up in Twitter feeds that are all about Kevin Bacon.

It should save you some money. Plus, you’ll more closely target the market that you’re actually trying to reach with your sponsored tweets.

Sponsored tweets are Twitter’s version of pay-per-click advertising. It’s less expensive than Google AdWords, and if you have an audience that spends a lot of time on Twitter, then it can be quite effective in reaching the right audience.

I highly recommend the use of negative keyword targeting any time you use spend money on PPC ads – whether it be with Twitter’s sponsored tweets, Google AdWords, Facebook’s sponsored ads, or any other PPC advertising. Negative keywords keep your ads targeted to the right audience. That’s precisely what you want.

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