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If you are about to start out in business and you intend using search as one of your main sources of traffic, you may find yourself confronted by several hurdles.  Organic search can take months of tight optimization before you see any results. Before you can even begin to optimize, you need to research keywords that will attract traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising is one area that can help you test those keywords.

Using pay per click to test keywords has its own pitfalls and these need to be considered carefully. These pitfalls include:

  • Cost – pay per click can be expensive if you don’t set limits or choose your keywords carefully.
  • Accuracy – while pay per click can help identify keywords that do or don’t convert, that data doesn’t always relate to how organic search converts for the same keywords.

Having considered those negatives, you should also bear in mind the positives that come with pay per click. These include:

  • Income – while testing keywords, you should be receiving traffic that converts into sales. That income may sustain your business while you are waiting for organic search results to improve.
  • Data – although keywords don’t always perform the same on organic and paid search, you can identify keywords that are real duds. You may also find keywords that are real gems.
  • Direction – there are many businesses that thrive on pay per click marketing. Rather than relying on the ups and downs of search engine optimization and organic search, they rely on pay per click with any organic traffic being the cream.

The bonus to using pay per click to test keywords is the income you can potentially receive when find good converting keywords. You do need to use care with this form of marketing, otherwise you will find your marketing budget gone in days. Set limits and do as much testing as your budget will allow.

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