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Pay per click marketing isn’t so new any more. A lot of people are doing it. Some are more successful than others. Some people swear by it. Others swear at it. But no matter your view on pay per click advertising, there is one thing for sure. It is unique among advertising models and there is one thing in particular that makes it a special kind of advertising.

Pay per click advertising provides one benefit that no other form of advertising offers. Quality, targeted traffic.

You know that traffic is important to any web business. Get no site visitors and you can’t get any business. But even better than loads of traffic is moderate targeted traffic. I’d rather get 1,000 good quality leads than 100,000 paint pellets on a wall. Pay per click offers targeted traffic. If one does it right.

What that means is, if you do your keyword research well and you define your market followed by a well-written ad targeted toward your ideal audience and that uses a strong call to action, you should do well with pay per click. The size of your budget doesn’t matter. What does matter is the quality of your advertising.

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