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It’s good that you want to advertising with PPC. It’s an effective form of online marketing and advertisers who have tried it have come away with huge successes. But before you start your PPC campaign there is something very important you must do. Fail to do it and you will likely fail to earn any ROI from your advertising.

The most important thing to do to prepare for your PPC campaign is to ensure that your landing page is optimized and ready for conversions.

Optimization is important for obvious reasons. The optimization of your landing page must match the optimization of your PPC ad. When you sync your optimization well then you’ll have a higher quality score and a lower cost per click.

But even more important than optimization is conversion readiness. It doesn’t matter how well you optimize your landing page if you do make any sales. The conversions pay for the advertising and create your ROI. Without a conversion ready landing page there is no hope of success with your PPC campaign no matter how well written and optimize your ads are. Get your landing page ready for the close before you open your campaign.

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