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Is your landing page or your ad more important in your pay per click campaign? To be honest, it’s neither. They should work together as a team. Let’s examine what the function of each is in your PPC campaign.

    Landing Page – The landing page is the place where your visitor will buy your product. It’s important that your landing page is optimized and ready to close sales. It should have a strong call to action and sell the benefits of your offer. The landing page also plays a big part in the quality score of your ad. If it receives a lot of bounces then your quality score will suffer so the importance of your landing page cannot be overstressed.

    Ad Content – On the other hand, your ad is what gets people to the landing page from the search results page. It is very important that your ad target the right keywords and that it includes a strong call to action. Without a strong call to action, no one will click your ad and no one will see your landing page or buy your product.

Both your landing page and your ad are integral parts of your PPC campaign. They should work together. They are a team. Neither is more important than the other. Such thinking is what leads to the fall of great teams in sports, business, and marriage. When one partner thinks he is the glue that holds the team together, there’s a problem. Make your ad and your landing page work as a team.

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