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New pay per click advertisers often wonder where they should get their keyword list. The obvious answer is from your initial keyword research – the same place you get the keyword list for your organic search campaigns. But that’s a little too pat. And the answer is not so cut and dry. There are other ways to get your keyword list.

  • Borrow from the competition – Have you analyzed your competition’s PPC and organic search campaigns? If not then hop to it. It’s a great resource for your own keyowrd list.
  • Your own referrer logs – Study your referrer logs from time to time to see what key phrases people are using to find your site. You can often find phrases that you haven’t targeted. If some of those phrases turn out to be popular phrases then you’ll have a few gems in the rough.
  • Google Zeitgeist – This little known product from Google will show you what search queries have trended each day.
  • Google Trends – Another product from Google. It allows you to look at trends over time, which can tell a story all its own.
  • Twitter Trends – Twitter Trends tells you what is popular right now. This is real time data and if you hit your new keyword trends just right you might find a gold mine.

There is really is no right or wrong way to find new keywords for your pay per click campaigns, but if you think creatively then you can likely find your own.

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