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Click fraud is a bigger problem than many paid search firms will lead you to believe. In fact, many firms do not even bother to track click fraud and that is a fatal mistake.

Click fraud exists when advertisers maliciously click on the ads of other advertisers in order to drive up advertising expenses. Does it happen? You bet it does and it happens often. It is probably underreported, even by the search engine companies that provide paid search opportunities.

If you don’t track click fraud then you’ll end up paying a lot more for your paid search campaigns than is necessary. It will cost you money and it could land you with a negative ROI.

Reciprocal Consulting keep a constant eye on potential click fraud. We don’t want you to spend any more on your paid search campaigns than is absolutely necessary and we want you to make money on those campaigns because if you return a profit then we believe you’ll come back and use our services more.

In order to keep you away from danger areas, we do not use click fraud hotbeds like content matching. Instead, we focus on developing and targeting effective keyword groups so that you can make the most of your paid search management opportunities. As a result, our click fraud issues are significantly less than the click fraud problems that other paid search providers have.

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