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Many small business owners are beginning to see the value in Facebook ads. There are plenty of reasons why Facebook ads can be better for marketing your small business than PPC. One reason is because of the better features for targeted marketing. You can actually narrow your Facebook ads down to more focused targeting.

You can also get creative with your Facebook ad targeting. Much more creative than with traditional PPC.

Here are five tips for making the most of your Facebook advertising, as shared by this article.

  1. Set your goals and plan. You won’t be very effective, with Facebook ads or PPC, if you don’t know what you want to achieve.
  2. Use creative targeting tactics. One example is to use your Facebook ad to say “Happy Birthday” to prospects a few days before their birthday. Try that with PPC!
  3. Choose text and graphics that compliment each other. This is very important and could increase your click-throughs tremendously.
  4. Create and test multiple ads. Instead of just creating one ad and going with it, do some multivariate testing with more than one ad.
  5. Be ready to receive the traffic. Make sure your Facebook page is updated and ready to handle the traffic you’ll get from your ads.

Facebook ads are a relatively new opportunity in PPC. Make them work for you.

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