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I had a customer ask me if there was a more immediate way to make money online than blogging. I said the best way the make money right now is to wage a pay per click campaign. And I fully believe it. It’s the best way to make your efforts pay right now.

Why is pay per click advertising the best “right now” marketing tool online? Because you can set a budget, write your ad and have your ads online within 30 minutes. Your ads could be live within five minutes of starting your new campaign. You could get your first click within a few seconds of that ad going live. You could make your first sale just a minute or so after that. So, literally, pay per click marketing is the best “right now” marketing tool online.

But that doesn’t mean you should drop everything and just jump on the pay per click bandwagon. Pay per click has its benefits, but there is one thing that it cannot do that almost every other online marketing method can – SEO.

That’s right, pay per click marketing is not search engine optimization. That means you still need to perform some other form of search engine marketing with a long term strategy for ranking your web pages in the search engines. Pay per click is good for right now, but it isn’t so good for next year. To be successful online, you need both a short term and a long term strategy.

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