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A few years ago, around the turn of the millennium, the forums were abuzz with discussions of whether display advertising or PPC advertising would win out in the hearts and minds of Internet advertisers. I guess we now know – PPC won.

But will it last?

I’m betting PPC will be around awhile, for a few very simple reasons:

  1. It allows advertisers the ability to control their spend. What other kind of advertising allows this? With PPC, you can set your own budget. Is it perfect? No. There are downsides, but even with the downsides, PPC still have this advantage over other forms of advertising.
  2. It provides a direct route from first impression to conversion. There is only one thing between the two – your landing page, or sales page. With other forms of advertising (TV, radio, etc.), there is something else that must take place – a drive, a phone call, or whatever. With PPC, it’s click, read and close.
  3. It’s keyword based. Yes, PPC ads can be optimized. That’s a good thing.

PPC advertising is a direct shot from first impression to conversion and the advertiser is total control. The consumer has a choice and gets to see what is being offered before committing. It provides the best win-win opportunity for all involved.

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