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A WebProNews article asks if Google AdSense will be in trouble if Facebook starts offering advertising opportunities. It’s a good question.

Two days ago we asked if Twitter was offering a new SEM model. We might just as well ask the same question of Facebook.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter, of course, is traffic. Facebook is only about 50 times the size of Twitter in terms of traffic. It is now the most trafficked website on the Internet. And it’s gathering information about its members that Google would kill for.

Every time you Like something on Facebook you are indicating your interests. Every time you comment on something or share something on Facebook you are indicating an interest. That’s much more valuable information to advertisers than a string of keywords you entered into a search query. And it’s something that I think Google knows as well.

If Facebook did roll out an ad network based on user interests, would you advertise through it?

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