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Testimonials are a very important part of any business. Make people happy and they’ll tell you about it. They may even tell their friends.

Well, Reciprocal Consulting has some great customers and we’re proud to announce that we’ve made them very happy. Here are 5 customer testimonials just for your eyes:

RP is the only company we’ve found that we can trust managing our PPC. Their intensive and consistent work building and maintaining our account stands out from the numerous providers we’ve wasted time and money with.

Thanks, Michael. And now here’s one from 3D Video Ultrasound:

You are dominating my industry in Southern CA on Google. I could not be any happier! We are creating a banner that will state anyone driving over 40 miles to our facility will receive an automatic 25% off any package. That should help with the further clicks. Great job Jacob…Thanks again”
3D Video Ultrasound, PPC Lead Generation

Of course, we do more than PPC and video marketing consulting. Let’s hear from an SEO client:

“…the day we signed our contract with Reciprocal Consulting the leads started comming in. They know what they are doing and they care about our bottom line. What else can you ask from an Internet Marketing Company?”
Real Estate Agency, PPC & SEO Lead Generation

And website development:

“Hey Jacob:
You did it. I got a nice couples lead today and will be seeing them this evening. GREAT JOB….keep tweaking whatever you are tweaking. Hoping I get more over the weekend.”
Marriage Therapist, PPC Lead Generation & Website Development

And we’re capable of helping people in any industry, even travel:

“Hi Dan:
Yes, things this month are great – and I like the most that the overall cost is down – thus far I am at $2400+/- and last month this time I was already over $3000 – keep up the good work!!! Thanks for checking in!”
Travel Website, PPC Lead Generation

Check out more great customer testimonials on our website. We love our customers.

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