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Visit our case studies page and you’ll learn how we’ve helped some clients save money on expenses while increasing revenues. We saved one client 47% on expenses and increased profits by 14%. How did we do this? With these 12 steps:

  1. Shifted content matching to serve targeted sites only
  2. Identified broad match keywords with low conversion rates and drilled down to exact referring keywords
  3. Rewrote ads and split tested to determine maximum click-through rates
  4. Started a keyword campaign based on competitor names
  5. Reduced image files to increase page load speeds
  6. Added a script to highlight referring keywords
  7. Improved shopping cart usability and lowered abandon rates
  8. Improved website’s internal search features
  9. Retargeted previous visitors to increase return rates at a fraction of the cost of PPC click-through rates
  10. Made navigation menus easier to read
  11. Regrouped keywords into tighter groups and rewrote landing pages to improve quality score
  12. Used special offer pages more effectively

We did all of this in 40 days. We’re sure we can help you improve the efficiency of your PPC campaigns as well. It doesn’t cost anything for an initial consultation.

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