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Yahoo! Answers is the most popular Q&A site online. But it’s not the only one.

These sites are good for traffic if you know how to ask the right questions and if you know how to answer questions to pique the curiosity of others. The secret is in answering questions that are related to your niche, that position you as an expert in that niche, and that demonstrate your respect of others online. That translates into reputation management and good Internet marketing.

The following 10 websites are reasonable alternatives to Yahoo! Answers for delivering the benefits that you receive for Q&A sites like those:

Unfortunately, I can’t attest to any statement about which of these sites is the best one. The best Q&A site might be different for you than it is for someone else. I’d recommend that you visit each site and search for questions related to your niche to get a feel for the types of questions and the number of questions related to your expertise that appear on those sites. Also, look to see how many other answerers there are related to those questions.

If a Q&A site has a lot of questions related to a particular niche and few responders to questions then you’ll likely do better at that site as opposed to a site that has a few questions related to a particular niche with a lot of people responding to them.

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