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Your brand, if you are a business, is probably the result of some very intensive research, many discussions, careful design, and a lot of your money. It’s worth every dollar and hour of development because your brand becomes your business identity and affects every aspect of your future success.

Your brand reflects your business from all the angles of logo, color, design, wording, etc. on every surface you put that brand across. It is the message that reminds people who you are and what you do as a business. Every person who is connected with your brand is a representative, too — because people do see boss and employees as extensions of your business philosophy. There are a lot of facets to a business, and every facet is like the angled surface of a diamond that either reflects the light or dulls it.

Search Engine Journal’s John Rampton is the author of a recent post titled “How To Protect Your Brand’s Identity.” It is a good overview of the main ways a business can monitor their reputation and protect that all-important brand. There are static tactics like purchasing a domain name and patents, copyrights, and trademarks. There are active tactics like maintaining legal advice, monitoring your brand’s online reputation, and making sure everyone associated with your brand is on the same page with things like social media and/or your brand’s values.

Protecting your brand is one of the important things you must do to keep your business on track. Your brand has an identity in the minds of the rest of the world. Make sure that identity is accurate and positive. For more insights on online reputation management, go to

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