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Few online marketing concepts are as misunderstood as online reputation management. It is often thought of as a reactive model, but in truth it is proactive. Reputation management in its best sense is nothing less than effective online branding.

A recent survey, shows the top online brands in 2009 are:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Amazon
  4. Facebook
  5. Ebay
  6. Microsoft
  7. YouTube
  8. MySpace
  9. Apple
  10. Sony

The one thing that all of these companies have in common is a strong brand. Each one built its online reputation by building its brand. And the attributes that make them all reputable brands – and recognizable brands – are trustworthiness, helpfulness, and relevance.

The lesson here for the rest of us is to build trust by being helpful and being relevant. If you can do that in your niche then you will simultaneously be building your brand and your reputation. There’s no better reputation management than building a positive and recognizable brand in any niche.

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