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We’ve discussed online reputation management a few times on this blog. But we haven’t really made a huge connection between Twitter and reputation management. Is there a connection? Can Twitter be used as a reputation management tool?

As a matter of fact, it can. And it really should be. I wouldn’t leave it out.

Consider these facts about Twitter:

  • It’s a great way to connect with hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously
  • Attracting followers on Twitter means that people are in interested in YOU, in what YOU have to say and how YOU say it
  • Twitter messages are now being indexed in real time by all the major search engines
  • Twitter is great for driving new traffic to your blog or website
  • If not already taken, your name as a Twitter profile could end up being a top 10 result on Google (that’s great reputation management)

Reputation management is a multi-channel proposition. Make Twitter one of your channels. It is one of the best online reputation management tools to show up in years.

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