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Video marketing seems to be picking up speed and I think we could be entering the era of video marketing. That means videos will be used to reach audiences like never before. Why?

Videos, with their strong reliance on visual communication, allow marketers an opportunity to build trust among their audience. That’s a big plus and a huge opportunity for marketers. But there is an aspect to video marketing that hasn’t been discussed much: Reputation management.

Reputation management is the practice of using search engines to keep positive results high in visibility while pushing negative results down further. Videos are perfect for this.

One way videos can help you achieve your reputation management goals is in diversity of results. Ideally, you want your brand to return as many results as possible when people are search for information about you. Videos can fill one of the top 10 slots easily, especially if you upload your videos to YouTube and several of the other video sharing sites available. Be proactive in your reputation management and use videos.

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