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Experts in the field of reputation management will all agree on one thing, prevention is better than the cure. Prevention includes providing a good product at a fair price. It also includes providing a good service, and this includes after-sales service. Here is a new take on how after-sales service can help with your reputation management.

I recently received an article that reported on how an Australian telco had discovered that an employee from a rival telco had left unkind remarks about the Australian telco’s service. The Australian telco has a customer service department that follows up on such complaints in an effort to placate the customer and improve their own service. It came as a real surprise to find that the person in question was not a customer, but was an employee of a competitor as well.

The rival telco has naturally denied any association with the remarks left. Given the rather amateur way these comments were left, it’s hard to see them being involved. However,¬† what is important is that these comments were not just left sitting there. The affected company didn’t try to get into any slanging match, or war of words – they simply investigated the complaint to try and rectify the issue.

This is not the first case of one company (or one of their employees) being involved in an attack on another. It does, however, reinforce how valuable a customer service department can be if they are diligent. Companies spend a lot of money managing online reputations Рsometimes, its starts at home.

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