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When it comes to reputation management, there are always two aspects that you must look at. What you do and say and what others can do or say to hurt you or your business. There are a number of measures you can put in place to protect your business and your brand, but how far do you need to go?

This question sprung to mind when I read that Facebook was likely to introduce an email system of their own. One of the questions I keep reading is whether you would prefer a Facebook email address or a Gmail email address. My initial reaction is one of  – why either/or? If you are running an online business then surely your email address is something like

However, returning to reputation management, in particular your brand, do you need to protect your brand by claiming it as an email address on Facebook? I mentioned there were two aspects to reputation management – what you do, and what others do. The big question here is – if you have a branded Facebook Fan Page and someone else claims your brand as an email address, can they hurt your business? While unlikely, it does have the potential to create some harm so with that in mind you probably should do everything possible to claim it.

Have you secured your brand on Facebook? If you haven’t then everything in this post could be moot.  We come back to that question – can someone else harm your brand or business by using either on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other major social media sites? If they can then perhaps you should look to securing them yourself before someone else does!

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