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Blogging is a large part of the Online Social Network these days. There is no denying the power of one voice when a basic search will return multiple results from blog sites such as Word Press, Myspace, Live Journal, and so on. Needless to say, a single opinion can reach the online visibility of the website about which that opinion was written, and opinions will more often be negative. Generally, a satisfied customer is simply pleased with their purchase or service and moves on with their life. A negative experience, however, will motivate that dissatisfied person to tell as many people as they can about it, and in the world of blogging, friends and family are just the beginning.

While small business owners may not yet have to worry about masses of bitter, misinformed consumers slandering their good name, it is a good idea to plan ahead. A small amount of preparation can go a long way when it comes to preventative Reputation Management. Just as any SEO campaign takes time to build and refine, a Reputation Management campaign is based upon many of the same principles, and therefore cannot be an immediate fix to that latest high ranking negative blog post about your company.

The problem is, major blog sites rank very high in searches and many of them are free, making it very easy for anyone with a negative opinion to write a bad review of a product or service. Within days, hours even, that opinion could show up just below your website in a search. Sometimes even, that post can appear above your site, which definitely does not give a good impression of customer satisfaction.

It is a good idea to begin a Reputation Management campaign early in your company’s growth to ensure that later on, any negative opinions will be silenced before potential clients or consumers even have a chance to see them.

If you are concerned about your reputation, Reciprocal Consulting can help protect your good name.

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