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An article at WebProNews has an interesting take on marketing online. It says that effective marketers do four things well:

  1. Reach their target audience through traditional media
  2. Use digital new media well
  3. Promote by being a media company
  4. And spread their content by social media

Two things are interesting about this approach: No 1, search engine optimization isn’t mentioned at all, and, secondly, you’re being asked to become a media company.

Now, wait a minute, you say, I never intended on doing that! Now, not so fast. All that means is you think outside of your own website.

Here’s what it really means: You set up one or two, maybe even three or four, online media websites that reach a different target audience or that provide a different publishing service. For instance, it could be a blog or it could be a community wiki. Maybe it’s a forum. It could be anything as long as it gives other people a platform for their voices. In other words, become an owner of media resources and not just a consumer of them.

There actually is a lot of wisdom there. Besides the profit that can be derived from these media websites that you own, there is also a branding element. You can spread your brand out in more directions and reach more people, which leads to more business. It’s just something to think about.

Oh, about that SEO – let’s assume that any community or media sites you build will include a healthy search engine optimization plan. It just makes good sense.

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