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Reputation management has become very important to online marketers. And video marketing seems to be picking up speed as well. In fact, video marketing is here and if you haven’t started your video marketing plan or even thought about how to use videos for your online marketing then you are behind the eight ball already. Videos are not only good for search engine marketing and social media marketing, but for online reputation management as well.

The idea behind reputation management with videos is two-fold:

  • You want to use videos to increase your search engine marketing presence
  • You want to use videos to improve your brand perception

Both of these initiatives is possible with videos and you can do both simultaneously. The search engine marketing aspect of video marketing can be taken care of with distribution of your video to the various video sharing sites as well as the embedding of video on your own website. The brand perception, however, is taken care of by the content of your videos.

Now is the time to stat planning your video marketing and your reputation management initiatives. Wait any longer and you’ll have no chance of catching that eight ball.

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