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A reputation is a valuable thing. Businesses, both small and large, are required from time to time to defend theirs, while others provide such pristine service to their customers that they are virtually infallible. However, the best way to protect one’s reputation is to prevent slander from ever surfacing. While no one can control the information that is passed around on the Internet, via blogs, forums, articles and comments, there are many measures that can be taken in order to secure the name of your business in search results. From experience, many internet marketing firms have learned the importance of preventative Reputation Management versus that which must occur post-concern.

Hands down, it is always easier to prevent search results from returning bad opinions than it is to remove those that have already been showing up. The idea behind reputation management isn’t always to hide bad opinions, because there are many bad internet marketing practices in effect, and sometimes, slandering others is how some companies go about improving their own reputation. It’s logical – diminish the credibility of another and automatically yours will augment in comparison – but this is not an ethical practice, and like it or not, those of us whom actually market our businesses ethically must do so in the face of black-hat methods.

Since reputation management is not strictly preventative, there is hope. A significant portion of any effective reputation management effort does not come down to fighting fire with fire – in other words, and as an analogy to the political front, mudslinging will only fuel false accusations and unnecessary name-calling. Therefore, the key to effective reputation management is to take all the good things about your business or company and put them out there for the world to see, so that all the bad things will be shown in their true light as outliers in an otherwise, and formerly, unbalanced statistic-driven equation.

Blog posts, press releases, and reviews are just the start of all the examples of methods by which to distribute positive content about your business. A great way to show the public the truth about your business or company is to acquire the statements of satisfied customers and share them with everyone through any one of (or all) of the previously mentioned methods. There are two sides to the exposure needed to reach as many people as possible with these positive opinions – on one side of things, sending these opinions into high-traffic areas is key, while on the other end of things, performing techniques similar to SEO are required in order to present positive content to those searching for you by name.

All in all, depending on the circumstances, managing one’s reputation can be a task beyond the ability of anyone short of a professional and experienced Internet marketing firm, which is shy it is important to consult a firm like Reciprocal Consulting.

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