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No reputation management plan is going to succeed if you don’t start at the beginning. And where is that? With reputation monitoring.

So what is reputation monitoring? Reputation monitoring is using Internet tools to monitor what your customers, clients, competition, media and others in the marketplace are saying about you and your company. While monitoring your reputation you should not just be concerned with your company name. You should be concerned with key people within your organization and each of your brand names.

The most basic and free form of reputation monitoring is Google Alerts. You can monitor what others are saying about you relatively easily. Simply create an alert with the word or phrase that you want to monitor. Here are some ideas to help you create alerts that will seamlessly allow you to monitor your reputation:

  • Company name
  • Tagline
  • Motto or slogan
  • Subsidiary names
  • Name of every brand of product you manufacture or market
  • The names of all C-level executives for parent company and subsidiaries
  • The name of your media representative or PR manager
  • Key phrases associated with each of your products and company
  • Names of known key competitors and outspoken opponents
  • Perceived weaknesses in your brand and company name along with subsidiaries

These are your basic reputation monitoring needs. You want to find out what people are saying about you, your company and your products. After you have a handle on what is being said you can then begin to plan a reputation management campaign to address marketplace concerns.

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