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Scrolling through Yahoo! Answers today, it was quite a surprise to see some fairly serious questions. Generally speaking, the questions asked revolve around relationship problems, school homework questions, and diaper issues. While I am sure those questions are important to the people who ask them, it is the serious questions about business that are of more interest to us. As a business owner, these questions can be real gems when it comes to enhancing your reputation as an authority in your niche.

What sort of questions get asked? Here are a few examples:

  • How do I change the language on my HP Laptop?
  • I can’t attach my lens to my Canon AE-1; it won’t attach. Why is this?
  • Is there any way I can get free counseling?
  • What would be a good party for teenagers in the winter that’s not lame?

The questions are not rocket-science type questions, yet by providing a good accurate answer your are creating two situations – one instant, the other delayed. The instant situation – readers will ask ‘who are you’ and follow any links. The second situation? The more often your name appears in answer to these types of questions, the more respect you will earn. This will further enhance your reputation in your niche.

One mistake that most people make is to constantly link to the home page of their web site. Don’t. Link to internal pages that actually have the information related to that question. If you don’t have a page that answers that question, link occasionally to your Facebook Fan Page, or one of your popular social media sites. By linking to Facebook, readers may well follow and ‘like’ your Fan Page.

As a final thought, Yahoo! Answers can be a good place to generate ideas. If you cannot link to a page on your site that answers that question – why not? Time to create one. Yahoo! Answers is popular, it is the perfect place to prove your knowledge, and it can reward you with links, traffic, and authority.

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