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One of the most important aspects of doing business online is reputation management. But what is that precisely?

Many people have their own definitions of reputation management, but in nutshell it is simply the process of marketing yourself or your brand to the search engines so that you have mostly positive search results. Too many companies think about reputation management after it is too late. They’ve got a few negative search results appearing for their name or brand name and all of a sudden want help removing them. It’s not quite that easy.

For one thing, you can’t just take the results away. They are there forever. But you can influence rankings so that negative results slip down in the rankings while positive results rise. That’s the essence of reputation management anyway.

The best time to start reputation management is before you need it. Preferably, you start it the moment you go online and start publishing and doing business. The sooner you start the more difficult it will be for your critics to gain a foothold for your name and brand. Make it harder for them, not yourself. Be aggressive in protecting your reputation before you need to.

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