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Reputation management is becoming more and more important every day. But there is more to reputation management than simply influencing search results for the positive while knocking down the negative results. Many online marketers who find themselves thinking about reputation management do so as a reaction to search results they do not like.

True reputation management begins with reputation monitoring. After all, you can’t influence or combat what you don’t see. It’s important to know who is talking about you and what they are saying. That’s where the reputation monitoring comes in.

Your most important reputation monitoring tool – and reputation management too – is Google Alerts. Google Alerts will notify you whenever anyone is talking about you. You simply sign up, enter the keywords you want to monitor, and every time that keyword is detected by Google you’ll get an e-mail alert. To make it work for you in reputation management, just use your brand name as the keyword you want to monitor.

All good reputation management begins with reputation monitoring and Google Alerts is the most important tool you have. It’s free.

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