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You may feel your search engine marketing efforts are paying off and all is going well – they could be too. However, you should always be reviewing your activities to ensure you are get the most out of your campaigns.

Search Engine Journal has a timely post that provides seven tips to increasing your landing page conversions – we could all use an increase in conversions, even at the best of times. Consider reviewing the following in relation to your landing pages:

  • Call to Actions Matter – is your call to action clear
  • Digestible content – is your content scanable
  • Minimize choice – don’t confuse things with too many choices
  • Keep It SIMPLE – create simple pages
  • Keep form length to a minimum – only collect the data you need
  • Avoid marketing speak – use every day language
  • Envoke Trust – if I trust your site, I will buy from you

Although very obvious areas to review, over time our pages get out of hand – reign them in and with luck, your conversions will start to climb. The post makes one point that is worth repeating:

Landing pages are becoming overly complicated data dumps where the short attention spanned consumer is left to sort through the pop-ups, multiple focus points, talking heads and flashing pictures. No wonder bounce rates are astronomical on most sights. Let’s stop blaming poor market conditions….

Now go back and look at your landing pages in relation to that description. How does it measure up? Many don’t measure up and by trimming them back you can make them lean, mean conversion machines.

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