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There seems to be a lot of confusion about what actually constitutes search engine optimization. Many companies are stuck on a five-year-old model of SEO. They’re still trying to build links and do on-page optimization by adding keywords to the meta tags and optimize their Title tags perfectly.

I’m not going to say those are worthless activities, though there isn’t much need for the keywords meta tag any more, but if you’re still hanging your SEO on the Title tag, then you’re missing the boat.

That’s not to say the Title tag isn’t important. It’s just not your golden egg.

Today, if you’re not approaching SEO as if it is synonymous with marketing – because it is – then you’re not doing it right. It should actually be called search engine marketing. The goal is to increase your company’s bottom line with conversions, not to see how many links you can acquire.

The only real purpose for links today is to increase your traffic. And you want that to be targeted traffic. When you attract targeted traffic to your website, then you’ll see an increase in conversions – if your landing pages are well written with strong calls to actions. A strong call to action closes the sale, but to get the prospect to that call to action you have to lead them there with great content.

Approach your content (on page and off site) as if it is marketing. If you focus too much on SEO, you’ll just start looking for links.

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