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Remember when Twitter and Google partnered up for realtime search? It didn’t go so well. In 2011, they parted ways because they couldn’t reach an agreement that was acceptable to both parties. Now, Twitter has partnered with Yahoo! to show tweets in Yahoo!s search pages.

This is awkward for a number of reasons.

  • First, you may not think of Yahoo! as a search engine any more, but it is. That really is its core function. However, it is third in the search competitive space with only 5% of the market share on its best day.
  • Because Yahoo! has such a small portion of the search market, that’s not a big feather in the cap for Twitter.
  • It is a huge benefit to Yahoo!, however.
  • I wonder how it makes Google executives feel that they lost a valuable asset to Yahoo!?

Twitter is a valuable medium for any company to partner with. Still, it’s Yahoo! They aren’t exactly a force to be reckoned with any more. On the other hand, you can’t write them off completely.

For search marketers, this is still a good deal. It opens up Yahoo! as a potential new source of indirect traffic. If you are a Twitter user, it’s time to play around to see how your tweets are chosen for display on Yahoo!’s SERPs. There is a lesson in search engine marketing to be learned from this. I’m sure we’ll hear about it from the top pros soon.

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