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A lot of sites today are falling in the search rankings because they have duplicate content issues. Now more than ever, duplicate content is causing major issues with search rankings. The good news is, in most of these cases, it’s a pretty easy fix.

Here are 3 reasons why your site may be suffering from duplicate content issues, and how to fix them:

  1. HTTP vs. HTTPS: If you have a secure side of your website for members or because you want to keep certain information secure from people who haven’t earned access, this can cause duplicate content issues. More often than not, it’s a byproduct of your CMS and how your pages are technically handled by it. Many content management systems use dynamic URLs that look like this:

    Then, the same page is indexed using a clean URL, and you suddenly have two pages with the same information on it. Duplicate content. Tweak your CMS so that only one of those pages is indexed. This can often be done in the settings, or you can simply use a robots.txt to prevent crawling of one of the pages.

  2. Same product fits into multiple categories: Another issue is you have products that are categorized in multiple categories. The search engine indexes the page under the category names, so the URLs are different but the content is the same. You can change the URLs on your website so that web pages are indexed without category names. You should also consolidate the pages and use 301 redirects to maintain the traffic.
  3. Language-specific pages: If you have your content translated, then you might have the same information on a primary page and also on the language-specific page. For instance, your English-language URL may look like this:

    If that same page is also located at, then you’ll have issues. Only store the content in one location and redirect one of the pages to the other.

Duplicate content issues are easy to fix in most cases. Don’t let them get you down.

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